The patented design harnesses wind at efficiency levels far superior to conventional wind turbines. This represents game-changing technology by virtually eliminating static pressure from behind the blades.

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SkyWolf Wind Turbines is currently developing out of the box solutions for the renewable energy industry using patent pending diffuser and rotor blade technology. Contact us to learn more.



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"RER Energy Group (RER) looks forward to assisting SkyWolf Wind Turbines in providing their innovative technology to potential customers. RER has developed and interconnected over 5MW of renewable energy projects to the grid. RER will guide customers through the attractive financial opportunity that the SkyWolf system provides as well as the process of citing and constructing a proper installation that results in many years of saving energy."  



New turbine making power at TSS Foam - Turbine produces up to 100 kilowatt hours a day, says inventor

By Sally Santora July 5,2012, for the Livingston County News

Driving east on Route 5 into Caledonia and you will see what looks like a tall white megaphone suspended in the sky. As you get closer to TSS Foam Industries, located at 2770 West Main Road in Caledonia, you will see the 35-foot high SkyWolf Wind Turbine atop the hill in front of the company.

TSS Foam Industries owner and president Samuel DiLiberto says the company installed the wind turbine to cut the company's monthly energy costs, which avert $1,200 to $1,800. The SkyWolf Wind Turbine could reduce that expense by 50 to 60 percent.

The SkyWolf is the first and largest wind turbine of its design in the world today. SkyWolf President Gerald Brock designed and patented the "diffuser augmented wind turbine design" in 2003. Company engineers say this increases the efficiency and resulting electrical output of the generator by reducing the static pressure behind the rotor blades.

Brock says the SkyWolf is four times the efficiency of a traditional wind turbine and can generate as much as a 100 kilowatt hours a day in medium to high wind conditions.

The SkyWolf patented design reacts quickly to changes in the wind direction.

You can see it turn directions as the wind moves across the hill. Its cone shape design produces no vibration, is silent and is made from recycled materials. The blades are contained inside a cone or horn-shaped body so there is no strobe lighting effects, threat to birds, or danger of a blade being thrown into the air.

The SkyWolf is smaller in design than traditional wind turbines and needs only a small amount of land to be installed.

Since the wind turbine design is brand new, company engineers are situating a live camera and data feed at the TSS Foam Industries site to collect verification data on exactly how much energy the SkyWolf Wind Turbine is generating.

This data will be valuable as the company is working with over 60 distributors; one company in particular has over $30 billion in annual sales.

TSS Foam is situated in the Village of Caledonia. The SkyWolf Wind Turbine met the village's zoning regulations and no variances or special permits were required. The company says they have had no complaints from neighboring property owners. A similar, smaller wind turbine is located at a private home on Middle Road in the village.

TSS Foam Industries is going into its 40th year in business, employing 35 people and shipping their product line nationwide. It is a family run business with Scott DiLiberto as the medical operations manager and Todd DiLerto as plant manager.

The 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility produces foam products for a wide variety of uses including disaster preparedness, medical products, packaging products and comfort products including cushions, mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows.

The company also products police car foam cage protection products. In 1999, the company formed a subsidiary company called CMF Medical Products to handle the increased demand for medical related products.

Several years ago they opened a small retail business next to the manufacturing facility where they offer bedding products to the consumer.

You can learn more about SkyWolf Wind Turbines technology on their website at and about TSS Foam Industries at