SkyWolf Wind Turbine Corporation is a designer of a Solar Hybrid Diffused Augmented Wind Turbine (DAWT). A product that uses renewable wind and solar energy sources combined in one turbine.  SkyWolf is a C Corporation. Through extensive research and development, we have patented the DAWT for the global sustainable alternative energy markets. This high tech, alternative energy product is commercially available for national and international applications.

Gerald Brock is the founder and CEO of Skywolf Wind Turbine Corporation, which designs “small wind” turbines. Gerald Brock founded SkyWolf Wind Turbine Corporation (f/k/a Brock Renewable Energy Research and Development Corporation) in August of 2010.

With extensive experience in commercial construction and problem solving, Mr. Brock spent 13 years researching, developing and improving Skywolf turbine technology. A former United States Marine, Brock discovered that by inserting a tube within a tube that a fluid bypasses the inner tube and demonstrates a pulling effect on the fluid passing through the inner tube. He successfully patented this discovery. Brock went on to concentrate on wind turbines and successfully increased the efficiency to three times a conventional wind turbine. This design was identified as a Diffused Augmented Wind Turbine (DAWT) by design. He recently received in Oct 2014, Patent US 8,851,836 B2 HIGH EFFICIENCY WIND TURBINE INCLUDING PHOTOVOLTAIC CELLS was granted, and it is the first wind turbine that has integrated solar photovoltaic cells that utilizes renewable energy. It is the first fully integrated solar wind hybrid offered anywhere in the world.


SkyWolf™ new Solar Hybrid Diffused Augmented Wind Turbine (DAWT) combines Wind and Solar power in one turbine that exponentially increases efficiency and electric energy output by reducing the static pressure behind the rotor blades.

  • Small footprint at 32’ height (10m) and 8’ (2m) diameter
  • No distance restrictions
  • No harm to wildlife due to shroud design
  • Easy installation on concrete pad

The SkyWolf™ patented Solar Hybrid Diffused Augmented Wind Turbine (DAWT) technology is capable of producing greater energy with smaller wind speeds as low as 5 mph. The exponentially increased efficiency and electric energy output is a result of reducing the static pressure behind the rotor blades and the turbine facing the wind.

Energy Production
  • Produces electric energy at 5 to 60 mph (2-27 m/s)
  • 1,000 watts at 20 mph (50 Kwh wind and solar) (9 m/s)
  • 5,000 watts at 40 mph (145 Kwh wind and solar) (18 m/s)*
  • Noise-rated at 25 db
  • Bi-facial Solar Panels

* Limited by Inverter

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