The use of alternative energy to capture renewable energy sources has been actively implemented and executed both globally and on a national scale. Currently the national grid structure is approaching 100+ years of service with old delivery technology and unreliable aging grid structures stretching over 450,000 miles of transmission lines. On a global scale, under-developed countries face a crises as only 20% of their population is within reach and service of an energy grid structure. Sustainable technologies and escalation in energy cost is further driving the market need for alternative energy products. As a result, New York State initiated Executive Order 88 in 2012 which dictates that all NYS facilities shall reduce their energy utility usage by 20%.

We have defined four major primary markets in our market strategy map and they include International, National, New York State, and the Regional Finger Lakes market. Customers in these markets include under-developed countries, public and private institutions, government and municipal facilities, airports, small business owners, and the private home owner. The increase in new Wind Farms and additional micro-grid structures also position us well with our DAWT.

Market Segment
 International-Flags International Developing and under-served countries
 Colombian-Flag Colombia (South America) Developing and under-served countries
 US_flag_48_stars National (USA) Public and private institutions
 ny-largeflag New York State Public municipalities to meet Executive Order 88 and private sector demands for reduced energy consumption
 blueflag Regional Finger Lakes Small businesses, retailers, agricultural and solutions specifically for Livingston County and Geneseo, NY
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